A typical extended family household in Australia consists of multiple generations living together in the same household, but some extended families also include uncles, aunts and cousins who live under one roof. Although this living arrangement has been very common in some cultures for many years, more everyday Australian families are deciding to live together as an extended family for many other reasons. Let’s have a look at the advantages of extended family and multigenerational living.

  1. Sharing economic responsibilities One of the major benefits and reasons why families move in together is that it is often a more affordable option and can reduce the family’s money strain. Adult children often move back in with their parents as they start off their careers or to help them save money to buy their own home. Willing and healthy grandparents can also help take care of young grandchildren during the day, which can save the family a significant amount on childcare costs.
  2. Child care support Multi-parenting by various adult family members not only saves on childcare and takes some of the load off working parents, it encourages grandparents and children to spend time together and add value to each other’s lives. Children have the advantage of growing up with multiple family members and also to learn about caring for their elders, while grandparents remain productive and active while they keep up with the children’s activities and school work.
  3. Adult care giving Many families find it much easier and simpler to care for and support elderly, disabled or sick adult family members when they live in the same home. This way, the household can share the care responsibilities, establish better routines with the family members who need care and be able to notice any changes in their health or situation much quicker.
  4. Building strong family bonds Multigenerational families who share a home often experience emotional bonding throughout all the generations, which they may not be able to achieve if they live further apart. Extended family living naturally encourages family members to spend their free time together and witness each other’s daily lives.
  5. A close support structure In an extended family household the adults can share their worries, stresses and responsibilities with other family members like their parents, who genuinely care for their wellbeing. This often forms a close family support structure which in turn reduces individual stress and promotes happiness.
  6. Family culture and traditions The need to cultivate and carry on family cultures and traditions throughout different generations is often very important to families, such as ex-pat families. In an extended family household family members can work together to expose their children and grandchildren to some of the aspects they would experience in their home country, such as language, foods and traditions. But this is not only true for expat families – many non-expat families also find that their children have the opportunity to learn different values and gain a greater understanding of traditions when they live with multiple generations of their family.
  7. Companionship Another advantage of extended family living is that family members can frequently spend time with their loved ones. Some family members, especially elderly parents may become lonely and isolated when they live alone, but living closely with family and just knowing that they are nearby usually cures any thoughts of loneliness.
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Extended family living has many benefits, but it can also become challenging and put strain on family relationships, especially if the family struggles to get along well. One of the best ways to avoid any potential conflict, is to live together in a home with a layout that gives each member of the family much needed privacy, space and comfort.

The Sherborne Crown, one of the most unique single storey houses in Perth, is such a home. This four bedroom, three bathroom house is essentially two homes in one. The design comes with a complete ancillary home, The Crown, which has its own entry, open living area, kitchen, bedroom, and en-suite bathroom. The Sherborne Crown is the ideal home for extended families who want to live together stylishly and comfortably. For more information on The Sherborne Crown contact one of our friendly sales consultants.

If you’re looking for a different house design, Ross North Group has a range of new home floor plans to suit Perth families and their unique lifestyles. Our friendly consultants would be more than happy to find a house that is perfect for your family.

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